5 Best Water Based Makeup Primers 2021

It’s all too easy to ignore primer when it comes to makeup. We understand that it may appear to be a pointless step with little benefit. We, on the other hand, are here to inform you that this is not the case. Water based makeup primers offer a smooth canvas for your foundation and concealer to hold onto, similar to how you would use a primer before painting a wall or a base coat before polishing your nails. As a consequence, your makeup will apply more evenly and last longer. Not to mention that many water based primers makeup are packed with various skin-friendly substances to provide even more advantages.

Water Based Makeup Primers

In general, there are two categories to select from. There are silicone-based alternatives that smooth the skin but can feel heavy and clog pores; silicones are also regarded as dubious substances in terms of safety for some.

Is there a better option?

Water-based formulations are not only incredibly moisturizing but also extremely light. We promise you’ll be psyched about water-based makeup primers drugstore if you try any of the five options below.

  1. First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

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It’s not only water-based; it’s also coconut water-based, which makes it even more hydrating. Coconut water is also high in antioxidants and amino acids, making it even better for your skin. It can easily replace both water-based makeup primers drugstore and moisturizer, and it leaves skin looking so dewy and fresh that you may not even want to wear makeup.

  1. Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer

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This choice has no water, which is a fun fact. But, because it’s devoid of silicones and packed with moisturizing organic aloe juice, we’ll let it sneak onto our list. Vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection, which is always a good thing, and hyaluronic acid provides another layer of moisture, making this an excellent pick for dry skin.

  1. Becca Backlight Priming Filter Face Primer

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We’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t wish for flawless, lit-from-within skin. There’s some good news: using a highlighter isn’t the only method to do it. This product not only helps to keep your makeup in place, but it also contains three distinct luminous pearls that give you a beautiful glow that rivals any Instagram filter.

  1. Honest Beauty Everything Primer Matte

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This oil-free option is ideal for oily skin types or those who want a more matte look. Micronized bamboo absorbs excess oil for an eight-hour matte finish, reducing the appearance of pores and flaws, which is always a plus. Parabens, synthetic perfumes, silicones, and petrolatum are all absent from the recipe.

  1. Waterproof Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

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Choose this multi-tasker if you want to get the most bang for your buck. You may use it as a water-based primers for oily skin before applying makeup, as a setting spray at the end of your regimen, and as a refreshing touch-up during the day. It absorbs rapidly and provides enough hydration in either case.


Water based makeup primers does precisely what it says on the tin: It’s a pre-makeup product that goes on after your skincare to create the perfect canvas for any makeup you use after that, such as foundation, tinted moisturizer, or concealer.

Water based primers makeup is a must-have for long-lasting makeup since it serves as a protective barrier for your skin. The final effect is more perfect, mainly when using primers that have both skincare and moisturizing properties.

Before applying any makeup, primers are applied. There are many primers on the market, each suited to a specific skin type. If you have oily skin, for example, you should use a mattifying primer. When using a primer on dry skin, look for silicone or water based to help seal in moisture. Use a color-based primer on discoloration to cover it up. If you have redness on your face, apply a green primer to cover it up. The colors orange or red will help to eliminate dark under-eye circles. Also, purple may be used to provide a splash of color when needed.)

While primers assist your foundation and concealer stay put, they smooth out your face and make it easier to apply your other makeup products evenly. Primers must be used before foundation or concealer may be applied. A few of my all-time go-to drugstore primers are NYX Angel Veil and Baby Skin. Benefit's Porefessional Primer, This works' in transit camera close-up, and Smashbox's photo-ready primer are all high-end options.

As stated above, water based primers makeup serves as a foundation or faces makeup base, making it easier to apply and keeping it in place for extended periods. Cream, gel, and powder form factors are all options. Even eyelid primers are available to avoid creases.

In the realm of cosmetics, primers are akin to photoshop. To produce a smoothing effect that improves makeup coverage and helps your makeup last longer, they're used beneath eyeshadow, foundation, tinted moisturizer, and mascara.

Eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, mascara, and even nail polish are all held in place all day with the aid of makeup primers. Water based primers makeup may also help you use less makeup by reducing the quantity you need to apply.

As their name implies, primers "prime" or "optimize" the skin surface before the foundation is applied. Consider them to be double-sided decorative tape or even spackle. A water-based primer for dry skin may smooth the skin's surface with big pores and prevent the foundation from forming dots over the T-zone.

Primers are an unavoidable part of every cosmetic regimen. They're essential because they assist in sealing in your foundation, regulate oil, and give you a smooth, crease-free finish. They may, however, clog your pores, causing outbreaks, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Simply put, the primer does exactly what it says on the tin: it acts as a water-based primer for dry skin. It's a primer that goes on after your skincare to provide the perfect canvas for any makeup that follows, such as foundation, tinted moisturizer, or concealer.

Face Primer provides a smooth, textured foundation for flawless makeup application. There are many primers for different skin types, such as a moisturizing primer for dry skin and a mattifying primer for oily face. Its primary function is to keep the makeup in place for a more extended period without fading.

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