Top 10 Makeup Foundations

Makeup foundations are currently one of the most popular cosmetics. Do you understand why? They’ve come a long way from being heavy and unwieldy creams with a very limited selection of options. To being silky formulas that not only level out your skin tone but also cover your imperfections and make your skin seem healthier! Nowadays, you have a plethora of options, so here I am to help you with the Top 10 Makeup Foundations!

Depending on your skin type, tastes, and budget, you may choose. Between a light mousse foundation and a protective tinted moisturizer. Or a smudge-proof liquid foundation, and a quick-drying cream-to-powder foundation.

Top 10 Makeup Foundations

Top 10 Foundations Makeup

After researching numerous websites, blogs, and beauty forums, I was able to compile the following list of the best makeup foundations (in order of price, low to high):

#1 Lotus Pure Radiance Matte Glow Daily Foundation

Lotus Pure Radiance Matte Glow Daily Foundation is a light water-based foundation that comes in six different colors. It costs around $4 (INR 175).

#2 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

This foundation has a dewy appearance and medium coverage. It is only $11 and comes in twelve various colors, most of which are on the warmer side.

#3 Revlon Colorstay

A great option for those looking for high coverage at an inexpensive price of around $13, this foundation comes in a variety of twenty colors! It has a matte texture and, given the variety of color options available, it is ideal if you want it to exactly match your skin tone.

#4 Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This foundation provides complete coverage with a matte finish. And is available in up to twenty colors ranging from’shell’ to ‘spice.’ The foundation, which costs around $34, is popular since it lasts all day.

#5 Makeup Forever Mat Velvet

It gives excellent coverage with a satin finish. And is available in sixteen different hues, including ‘alabaster’ and ‘chocolate.’ It reduces shine and lasts a long time on the skin, and it costs $34.

#6 Make Up Forever HD Foundation

This foundation has a satin finish and provides medium coverage. The brand includes twenty-six hues ranging from ‘pink’ to ‘ebony’ and is priced at about $40. The product is well-known for its light and flawless finish.

#7 Laura Mercier Silk Creme

A creamy foundation with complete coverage and a satin finish, Laura Mercier Silk Crème is available in eight distinct tones, including ‘Cream ivory’ and ‘Hazel beige.’ It is $42 in price.

#8 LancomeTeintIdole Ultra

This product costs approximately $42 and is available in eleven warm, cool, and neutral colors. It offers a beautiful smooth finish and modest coverage.

#9 Chanel Mat Lumiere

This foundation is a popular choice among ladies who want medium coverage with a natural appearance. The foundation is priced on the upper end of the spectrum, approximately $54. Furthermore, has a matte texture that is ideal for photography!

#10 Diorskin Foundation Airflash spray

Depending on the amount sprayed, it provides light to full coverage. And comes in five different colors. It is quick to apply and has a satin finish. It is fairly expensive, costing around $60.

This specific post is the result of my study on the top companies known for their makeup foundations. I hope that I provided you enough information. And I helped you decide whether or not to invest in makeup foundations after you have chosen your best concealer.

Disclaimer: This Top 10 Makeup foundations article is solely a product of research as per the popularity and my personal preferences. Any suggestions, opinions, and ideas regarding other brands and products are welcome

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