Everything About Milk Makeup Blush, Sticks, Mascara & Highlighters

Like fellow It-Girl American indie businesses Glossier and Nudestix, Milk Makeup is a famous, new cosmetics brand noted for its inclusive message and innovative, clean beauty offers. This company advocates the no-makeup cosmetics look for the busy female or man. Does the brand, however, live up to the hype? Would you mind continuing reading to see my Milk Makeup Blush, Sticks, Mascara & Highlighters review?

About Milk Makeup

milk makeup blush
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Milk Makeup, founded by Mazdack Rassi and Zanna Roberts Rassi, aims to give beauty to everyone. The brand highlights the value of self-expression, creativity, and #LivingYourLook. milk makeup blush stick, mascara & highlighters are cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free.

Milk Makeup Blush, Sticks, Mascara & Highlighters Review

Now that we’ve learned more about it, let’s delve into the Milk Makeup Review on five of its cult-classic items.


  • Lit Mini Highlighter
  • Werk Mini Lip + Cheek
  • KUSH Mini High Volume Mascara
  • Blur Stick Matte Primer Mini
  • Supernova Mini Holographic Highlighter
  1. Lit Mini Highlighter

milk makeup blush stick
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Price- $15.

The milk makeup highlighter lit is a creamy, dewy highlighter that delivers a lovely, natural shine. Lit is a champagne-pearl hue, while Turnt is a rose-gold shade. Both colors are available in smaller sizes.

Luminous cream stick imparts a genuine, bright radiance. The vegan product contains coconut oil, mango butter, and avocado oil for long-lasting hydration. The milk makeup highlighter stick design allows you to glow from head to toe.

Mini Milk Makeup Highlighter Swatches Claims

The milk makeup highlighter in lit, according to Milk Makeup, is simple to apply with a single swipe over the complexion. Additional layers should result in a more vivid, bright sheen.

In addition, with an iridescent, pearlescent shine, this milk makeup highlighter stick hydrates the face. Certain things happen when a product comes into contact with the heat of the skin.

Milk Makeup Highlighter in Lit Ingredients

Micro-shimmer, mango butter, peach nectar, and avocado oil are among the components in this highlighter. This product has no parabens, sulphates, or phthalates. Milk Makeup does not do animal testing.

Mini Highlighter Application

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Apply straight on the skin or with your fingertips. Apply before setting the face with powder for the best effects. A brush application is also feasible (with a dense brush). Brush application, on the other hand, wastes more product.

Milk Makeup Highlighter Reality

Milk makeup highlighter lit gives my complexion a natural, effortless shine that makes it seem beautiful and dewy without looking oily. I got several comments on the brilliance of my face when using Lit highlighter. However, I don’t feel any more hydrated.

  1. Werk Mini Lip + Cheek Milk Makeup Blush

milk makeup blush swatches
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Price- $15.00

The Mini Lip + Cheek product is a lip and cheek stick used for both. This two-in-one stick functions as both a sheer blush and a moisturizing lip color. As you swipe, the color payoff increases. Mango butter, peach nectar, and avocado oil deliver immediate hydration while also assisting color in blending effortlessly into the skin. Swipe across the lips, cheeks, or both and mix with your hands for a quick blush. No need for a mirror. Werk is characterized as smelling like a dusty rose.

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Lips and Cheeks Milk Makeup Blush Claims

The Lip + Cheek Multi-stick from Milk Makeup claims to be simple to apply, buildable, and blendable. In addition, the Lip + Cheek offers velvety color with only one stroke. Finally, the recipe is designed to be readily absorbed.

Lips and Cheeks Milk Makeup Blush Ingredients

Mango butter and avocado oil are used in the Lip + Cheek multi-stick to deliver rich color and moisture. This product is also devoid of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Also, this product is cruelty-free, vegan, and fragrance-free. Milk makeup is an example of a clean cosmetics brand.

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Lip and Chin Milk Makeup Blush Application

The Lip + Cheek product works best when applied directly to the skin and mixed with your fingertips. Like other cream products, it should use it before applying powder to the face.

It’s also worth noting that the color payoff on the cheeks and lips is vastly different. The hue is way too light and pink on the lips for my liking. On the cheeks, though, the color adheres more accurately to how it appears in the stick.

Reality Lip and Chin Milk Makeup Blush

This milk makeup blush is simple to use and mix. It also imparts a lovely, natural glow to the cheeks without making them seem oily or glossy. The product is also long-lasting. The milk makeup blush stick recipe is considerably simpler to mix than Glossier’s Cloud Paint formula.

Overall, this milk makeup blush stick is an excellent starter for anybody interested in trying cream products but concerned about blending and application.

  1. KUSH Mini High-Volume Mascara

KUSH Mini High-Volume Mascara
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Price- 12 $

The KUSH High Volume Mascara contains cannabis to blacken and volumize lashes. Give milk makeup mascara review a read below.

KUSH High Volume Mascara Claims

The KUSH milk makeup mascara claims to provide volume, length, and curl to the lashes without clumping, flaking, or drying them out. In addition, cannabis seed oil conditions the lashes. Meanwhile, the KUSH milk makeup mascara formula’s heart-shaped fibers make lashes seem longer and thicker.

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Kush High Volume Milk Makeup Mascara Ingredients

As previously stated, cannabis seed oil is a crucial mix component. In addition, the KUSH High Volume milk makeup mascara is vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free, and silicone-free, as well as cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free.

Kush High Volume Milk Makeup Mascara Application

Start at the lash base and wriggle the wand upwards for the most excellent effects. Multiple layers will increase lift, length, and volume. However, it is a moist formula. It may smear during application.

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Kush High Volume Milk Makeup Mascara Reality

Not only did my lashes seem long, voluminous, and lifted, but the mascara also made my eyes appear more prominent. In addition, my eyes seemed broader and more alert. In addition, I got several comments on my lashes when I used this mascara.

  1. Blur Stick Matte Primer Mini

Blur Stick Matte Primer Mini
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Price- $18

Designed to reduce the appearance of small lines and pores, the Milk Makeup Blur Stick Matte Primer is a silicone-free, oil-free matte primer stick.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick Claims

The Blur Stick bills itself as a lightweight, silicone-free matte primer that reduces the appearance of pores and fine wrinkles. Milk makeup claims that this transparent, velvety primer will give a shine-free canvas that blurs blemishes and extends the life of your Makeup.

This primer may be used alone or under Makeup. It claims to give you a matte, polished appearance while without clogging your pores. Regardless of skin tone or oiliness, this primer will work for you.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick Ingredients

Cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, silicone-free, dimethicone-free, oil-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and talc-free are all features of the Milk Makeup Blur Stick Matte Primer.

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Milk Makeup Blur Stick Application

The primer should be used with your fingertips, tapping the substance into the skin. You may soften the stick by running your finger over the top of it. Gently massage the primer onto the skin, attention to textured areas.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick Reality

This primer is light. It is, however, relatively rigid. As a result, it is tough to apply. To get this primer to perform what it says, I need to massage it with my finger until it heals and softens.

Is it able to blur skin without blocking pores? Sure.

Would I repurchase this? I want to utilize something that involves less work.

  1. Supernova Mini Holographic Milk Makeup Highlighter

milk makeup blush stick swatches
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Price- $15

The supernova mini holographic milk makeup highlighter offers “prismatic” brilliance to the cheekbones, lips, and eyes. These milk makeup highlighter swatches are available in three different hues. Minis are available in all sizes.

Milk Makeup Highlighter Claims

According to Milk Makeup, the multi-use holographic highlighter leaves the skin, lips, and eyes moisturized and gleaming.

Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighter Ingredients

The components of the Holographic highlighter include “meteorite powder,” twilight pearls, mango butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil. This milk makeup highlighter also contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. The Holographic Highlighter is also vegan and cruelty-free.

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Milk Makeup Highlighter Application

This milk makeup highlighter stick works best when applied straight to the skin, whether nude or over Makeup. Then combine with your fingertips. Apply this before applying powder to your face.

Milk Makeup Highlighter Reality

Although I like this milk makeup highlighter stick, I didn’t see a significant holographic impact. In addition, I don’t usually use bright highlighters. As a result, I don’t mind that the hue isn’t too silver-purple.

Milk Makeup Blush, Sticks, Mascara & Highlighters: My Personal Experience

milk makeup blush stick dupe


I also tried a little synthetic highlighter brush regarding milk makeup blush swatches, which was a time-consuming process since it took a long time to fill the meeting with enough highlighter to stipple over my cheekbones.

Werk worked well, as I did apply it with a beauty blender. It is probably my favorite way to use both products: whisk the moist beauty blender around the stick a few times, apply it to the skin, done.


Werk looks fantastic on me. It delivers the most beautiful flush and has a fair lasting power. While it doesn’t absorb, it also doesn’t cling to my skin.

Milk makeup highlighter in Lit is more complicated. I don’t think the effect is very noteworthy: it straddles the line between dazzling and demurely gleaming.

Also, I’m skeptical of the milk makeup highlighter in lit formula: add a slight shimmer to some coconut oil, and presto, same result. The color is defined as ‘champagne pearl.’ It looks well on various skin tones. It also fades away after a few hours and emphasizes whatever pores I may have.

Where Can I Get Milk Makeup?

Milk Makeup is available at Sephora in the United States and Cult Beauty in the United Kingdom.

Students may enjoy 10% off their order if they buy straight from Milk Makeup official website.

Is it worthwhile?

Do you have nice skin and prefer not to use any foundation products?

Would you go through items quickly?

Is it vital for you to use ‘natural’ ingredients?

Do you like to use your fingertips instead of tools?

Don’t you mind if your items are a little oily?

Then Milk Makeup’s Blush + Lip and Highlighter products are ideal for you. If not, you’ll have to fiddle about a little to get both items to function for you. (Think tools, setting powder, and so forth.) Both things, by the way, are utter monsters to wear when wearing a mask (PPE). It would be best to use both a setting powder and a setting spray, or they will be all over your cover.

Pros & Cons of Milk Makeup Blush, Sticks, Mascara & Highlighters

Pros & Cons

  • 100% vegan products

  • Cruelty free

  • Long lasting formula

  • Easy to apply

  • Sheerness and texture is amazing

  • No Sulfates

  • Quantity is very small

  • Too thick to pump out

  • Pump smell weird

  • Primer is so thick

  • Not suitable for oily skin

Final Words

Many of the brand’s cosmetic goods shocked me with how much I liked them. The Milk Makeup milk makeup blush, sticks, mascara & highlighters complement my inherent attractiveness. The items significantly shorten my beauty regimen. I like how each product has a cleaner recipe. I bought other cosmetics from the company. The Matte Cream Bronzer, Micro Fiber Brow Gel, Hydro-Grip Primer, and Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder are such goods.

So, here I’m wrapping up my Milk Makeup milk makeup blush, sticks, mascara & highlighters review. I hope it’ll help you girls in choosing best product for you. See you in the next post of the Best Concealer blog. Stay Happy 😉

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Yes, the items of Milk Makeup are excellent, as in a sold-out item. The collection has 120 goods, and twist-up sticks, such as the Cooling Water stick, Holographic stick, and Blur stick, have proved to be the collection's standouts. Milk Makeup products are particularly great for those who have sensitive or reactive skin (specifical eczema), as well as those who have sun damage. So you receive the calming advantages of a milk-based product without actually consuming animal-derived milk.

Swipe the stick onto your lips, cheeks, or both. -Combine using your fingers, a brush, or a sponge. -Construct for more color payoff. If your blush brush is broken, a round cotton pad will suffice. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks after lightly dabbing it into your blush. It will always leave a streak-free, beautiful finish. You may use them with powdered cosmetics, such as foundation or finishing powder.

Swipe the stick onto your lips, cheeks, or both. -Combine using your fingers, a brush, or a sponge. -Construct for more color payoff. - Lip + Cheek works in tandem with Milk Makeup Highlighter (available separately) and Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer (sold separately) to create a healthy all-over glow.

Lipsticks and cheek sticks

Use a fingertip or a lip brush to apply on your lips. Sweep over the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards with your fingertips for your cheeks. Use a darker/lighter shade of bronzer/highlighter around the cheekbones, hairline, and sides of the nose. In the case of the eyes, softly push a fingertip against the lid.

This moisturizing product is also fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin. Sephora's Clean Seal is based on a stringent formulation code that forbids the use of more than 50 components. All of the specifics on these standards may find at sephora.com.

Milk Makeup, a vegan company, was not called ironically. The name is derived from the well-known Milk Studios in New York City, where creatives have gathered for years for fashion and beauty photoshoots. (It is also where Milk products are created nowadays.) As a result, Milk Makeup products are free of parabens, vegan, and cruelty.  It draws many consumers to the company and its social media community. Following the launching of the KUSH mascara, a cannabis oil-infused mascara, the company garnered traction in the online beauty community.

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