Loreal True Match Concealer Review 2021

Today I’m going to talk about my favorite concealer and my experience with it. It’s the Loreal true match concealer by L’Oreal Paris. I discovered this product when seeking a decent liquid concealer to hide acne scars on my cheeks.

The colors were “light,” “medium,” and “medium deep.” My friend advised me that a medium would be best for me.

Loreal Paris New True Match Super-Blendable Concealer

Loreal true match concealer

I tried the sample and loved how the Loreal concealer true match blended in with my complexion, so I was pleased. So, I took it home and tested it the next day in daylight. Something was amiss with the shadow, I noticed.

True match loreal concealer appeared to be two shades lighter than what I usually wear. As a result, I had to return and exchange it for a “medium-deep” shade.

Though the medium-deep hue seems more profound in the container, it matches my skin tone after application. This is one of the best top three things I’ve ever bought. I think it’s well worth the money I spent on it. I like how effortlessly it mixes with my skin and the finish it provides.


The packing of almost every Loreal concealer shade is straightforward. Loreal true match concealer comes in the form of a clear plastic tube with a silver-colored top. The cap is equipped with an applicator wand. The applicator brush’s bristles are incredibly smooth and silky. Because the tube is clear, you can readily see how much product is left in it.

The concealer has a liquidy but not runny feel. It works best on skin that is thoroughly moisturized. It mixes in well with the skin. After application, it does not feel heavy at all. My skin type is mixed. After using this best drugstore concealer, I dab a small amount of compact over the greasy areas, and the concealer settles flawlessly.


Loreal concealer true match

After 1 to 2 hours of application, I’ve noticed that the face becomes dewy but not greasy. It covers my acne scars from medium to full coverage. The Loreal concealer is ideal for concealing blemishes, marks, and dark circles beneath the eyes.

It does not leave any dry spots. Loreal Paris’s new true match super-blendable concealer lasts for 6-7 hours before starting to fade. When applied alone, it wrinkles somewhat around the fine lines of the eye region, but when set with a compact, it remains in place.

The application is smooth and simple to blend into the skin—the applicator aids in extracting the correct amount of substance from the tube. For covering, only a tiny amount of product is necessary. It provides the skin a natural finish. This concealer is simple to remove. It is easily removed using makeup remover in a single swipe.

Pros and Cons Of Loreal True Match Concealer

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent consistency

  • Coverage ranges from medium to full

  • Blending is simple

  • It does not make the skin greasy

  • There is very little cream necessary

  • It stays for around 6-7 hours

  • My skin did not break out with acne or pimples

  • It does not draw attention to pores

  • The applicator brush is gentle

  • It doesn’t feel heavy

  • Expensive

  • It is possible that thick dark circles will not be covered

  • There is no list of ingredients

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Final Words

best concealer

This Loreal true match concealer is a high-quality product. The brush wand is incredibly soft, making it excellent for use on the area around my eyes. The color of the concealer is vibrant, but it is also extremely sheer. So, if you’re looking to conceal something particularly sinister or severe, I doubt this will suffice.

Because this product comes in a bit of a container, it may not last very long if you use concealer frequently. It’s not as big as most full-size mascara tubes.

I enjoy how the Loreal true match concealer feels cool and light on my skin, and it doesn’t give me a false, heavy makeup look. But, as I have stated, it is also extremely sheer. This stuff works perfectly for me, but then again, my skin is typically straightforward. I primarily use this on my undereye region. It performs the job, but there isn’t much of a difference. Concealer mixes in well with my skin. It also helps to conceal pinkish scars.

So, this was my Loreal true match concealer review. I hope it’ll help you girls choosing the best concealer for you 😉

This oil-free concealer conceals blemishes, flaws, and dark circles while also evening out skin tone—experience a lightweight, medium-to-high coverage, buildable formula for your personalized finish. The Opti-Blend compound is used in the formulation of this oil-free concealer.

Using your fingertips or a sponge, apply straight to your face. As required, blend in an outward motion. Loreal true match concealer matches your skin tone from light to deep, as well as undertones ranging from warm to neutral to cold.

Before usage, could you give it a good shake?

The Loreal concealer true match is a highly pigmented yet lightweight concealer that is oil-free and provides immediate coverage while hydrating your skin.

Loreal true match concealer uses proprietary color technology to exactly match your skin's tone and undertone and coordinates flawlessly with True Match Powder, Blush, and Concealer. Skin Type: This product is suitable for all skin types. Oil-free.

True Match Eye Cream in a concealer delivers fast dark circle coverage while caring for the eyes like an eye cream. To integrate into the skin, dab around the eye region and softly smooth with fingers, a brush, or a sponge.

From bright to dark, as well as from warm neutral to chilly. Twist the concealer pen's end to release the product into the retouching applicator. Apply an upside-down triangular shape to the under-eye region to cover dark circles. Dot targeted spots and mix to repair and conceal imperfections.

Step1: Draw a triangle with the tip towards your cheek and the base beneath your eye; mix the concealer to hide dark circles and brighten the cheek region immediately.

Step2: To highlight and contour, use two concealer colors: two shades darker and one two shades lighter than your skin tone.

The rule of thumb for choosing your concealer shade is to base it on the color of your foundation. Beauty experts recommend that everyone have two concealer colors in their arsenal, one lighter and one darker because everyday sun exposure causes your skin tone to change somewhat all the time.

Without any doubt: Shape Tape Concealer

It has a matte texture, is creamy, and has a lighter sensation under the eyes than Shape Tape. The coverage appears to be more natural but perfect. In my view, it isn't quite full-coverage, but it comes close and should readily conceal most under-eye flaws.

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