All You Need to Know About How to Fix Dry Mascara

When searching for the best mascara, it isn’t easy to know where to begin. A fast trip to the pharmacy can reveal more varieties of mascara than you could use in a year, so how can you possibly know which one is appropriate for you? I’m here to assist, but first, let’s go through the fundamentals. In this article, I will let you know how to fix dry mascara.

Let’s get a short and dirty definition of mascara out of the way. It’s made out of black pigments that have been bound together by a polymer and thickened with different waxes or oils. Mascara is used to bringing attention to your eyes by lengthening, thickening, darkening, and intensifying your natural lashes. However, there are a few distinct kinds.

Before we proceed how to fix dry mascara, let’s talk about mascara a little bit.

Waterproof VS Washable

how to fix dry mascara

While these two categories may seem to speak for themselves, they have more than how well they withstand a thunderstorm. For starters, washable mascaras have a more excellent water content, making them more straightforward to remove. Washables are more flexible on the lashes, which means they’re better for lash health (if you don’t believe lash health exists, you’ve never experienced the unappealing issue of lash loss).

On the other hand, waterproof mascaras tend to dry out and bind lashes together, causing tugging at the root and lash loss. Washable formulas offer more fantastic give, letting the lashes move freely and independently when touched or when they touch your glasses or another person’s face. Finally, you make remove washable mascara with water alone. However, a makeup remover is suggested.

The disadvantage of washables is that they might leave dark product markings on your lower eyelids and smudge around your eyes since they do not completely dry.

Waterproof mascaras contain less water, and some have none at all, allowing them to endure through sweat, rain, tears, or any other kind of wetness. They are not, however, bulletproof. Even though I exclusively use waterproof makeup, I sometimes see tiny black spots around my lower lid. However, any markings from a waterproof mascara are considerably lighter and less visible than spreading from a washable mascara, and they often appear as a shadow rather than a smear.

Makeup Remover Is Needed

However, since waterproof mascara is designed to endure, you must use a makeup remover, special eye makeup remover, or an oil cleanser to remove the product and avoid lash loss carefully. Otherwise, removing it might cause you to yank on your lashes excessively.

Each mascara promises something different: lengthening, volumizing, separating, curling, practically whatever you can think of, and each mascara has a distinct formula for the appropriate benefits. Some mascaras are very thick, clinging to each lash and providing the appearance of other lashes and a thicker lash line. Some are incredibly thin, wrapping around each lash and expanding the tip, giving each lash the impression of being longer.

The brushes are just as vital as the mascara itself. There is a brush to maximize the performance of each kind of mascara.

Brushes Come in a Variety of Styles


how to fix dry mascara

You probably imagine a mascara wand with a bristly brush at the end. It’s the traditional method of applying mascara that may still find in goods today. For diverse effects, the bristles come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and sizes. Hairs, in my opinion, are the finest for adding length, a fanned outlook, and proportionate, all-over length and volume. However, there is a modern variety that is constructed of rubber rather than typical bristles.


Mascara Brush

Brushes with tiny rubber teeth are becoming more popular. I like rubberized brushes because they can customize them to certain mascara formulae to produce the best results. Rubber brushes, in my opinion, stay longer since the material does not become caked between the teeth. It’s like a new wand.

As a general rule, the longer the bristles, the longer the lashes. An oval brush with a pointed tip is ideal for applying product all over the face and capturing tiny baby lashes in the inner corners. An hourglass-shaped bristly brush will always give you outrageous volume. Small meetings with small teeth are ideal for the book, but not for long.

How To Fix Dry Mascara

How To Fix Dry Mascara

I like how mascara improves our lashes and gives them a wonderful, thicker, and longer appearance. It is a necessary element of our cosmetic kit, but it must be adequately maintained and replaced regularly. A typical mascara tube should change after three months of opening without fail. Otherwise, it may cause eye infections. However, mascaras often get drier and clumpier before three months and must be discarded sooner.

You know you should toss away your mascara tube every three months, but it’s inconvenient when your line has dried up after just a month or two. And, let’s face it, we all need mascara to look our best.

To Begin, Here Are A Few Helpful Hints for Applying Mascara Daily

  • Before applying mascara regularly, rub the mascara between your fingers to warm it up a bit. It helps to thin the solution and makes the application smoother.
  • Never pump the wand into the tube since doing so traps air and causes the solution to dry quicker. Roll the rod inside the tube’s walls as described above.
  • Always keep the tube securely closed after use and store it in a cold, dark location.
  • When purchasing mascara, verify the production date and choose products that will not expire for at least a year. I understand that this is not feasible with an internet purchase.
  • Water-soluble mascaras are ideal for everyday usage since they dissolve quickly instead of waterproof mascaras, which need much work to remove. They also last longer!
  • Never sleep with mascara on! Permanently, always, always remove it with an excellent makeup remover before falling asleep. Otherwise, you will notice that all of your eyelashes will fall out within a short period.

Next, we may take steps to extend the life of our mascaras and guarantee that the solution stays as fresh as the first day of use. If your mascara has gotten dry and flaky, so coming to our topic how to fix dry mascara, try these tips to reactivate it!

How To Fix Dry Mascara With Different Remedies


how to fix dry mascara with water

Fill your coffee cup halfway with hot water and soak the mascara tube for a few minutes. The heat will work wonders for your mascara, softening the dried solution and making it as good as new. If your wand is full of the dried and flaky solution, rinse it under hot water until it is squeaky clean before re-dipping it into the tube. The warmed rod will also wet the solution. If you are after how to fix dry mascara with water, this trick will help you a lot.



I used contact lenses for years before having Lasik surgery, which I used the most. The mascara tube should have a few drops of saline solution added to it. Use your hands to warm the box up by moving it around. It will aid in the removal of clumps and will also thin the solution. Don’t add additional drops since this may thin the solution and make it harder to apply. Add 3-4 drops, depending on the quantity of mascara remaining in the bottle, to test.


how to fix dry mascara with coconut oil

When you are after how to fix dry mascara with coconut oil, you should know “Coconut oil” may also be used to thin out mascara and may even lengthen your lashes! Microwave a teaspoon of the oil for approximately 15-30 seconds or until it melts. Fill your mascara tube with three to four drops of the (now liquid) coconut oil using the spoon. To mix the oil in, shake the box or twirl your wand in there. After around two months of applying this remedy, you may notice that your lashes are longer.


how to fix dry mascara without eye drops

The prolonged use of a computer causes my eyes to dry up, and I need the help of eye drops to keep them moist. As a result, eye drops are usually available for me, and I often wet my mascara with them. Most eye drops should discard after one month after opening. However, if combined with mascara, make sure you use the excellent one to prevent contamination. So, if you are after how to fix dry mascara without eye drops, here is the answer 😉



Add 1 or 2 pea-sized doses of aloe vera to the mascara tube and mix thoroughly by rolling the brush along the tube’s edges. It should help to level out the mascara. After three months of using your mascara to the utmost, it’s time to dump the tube. No! No need to wait!! You may even use a dead mascara wand! Immerse the mascara brush or wand in boiling soapy water for a few minutes. To remove all of the mascara off my rod, I use baby shampoo. Rinse and dry the wand before continuing to learn about the wand’s capabilities. If you are after how to fix dry mascara, aloe vera will help you a lot.



Wondering, how to fix mascara that is dry? We’ve all heard that Castor oil can do wonders for your lashes. It may use it to condition your lashes and brows. Apply the oil using a clean mascara brush; it’s much more straightforward, and you’ll notice the results! Castor oil may supplement with Vitamin E for additional advantages.



You don’t need to purchase a separate eyebrow brush since you can maintain your brows in place using the mascara wand. The wand may also use to fill in your brows. Dab the rod in the corresponding eyeshadow and brush along the brows.



The next time you attempt a manicure, you may use your clean wand. After applying cuticle removal cream or olive oil, wait a few minutes before lightly buffing the nail base with a mascara brush. It is effective for cuticle healing and maintenance.



Do unruly baby hairs or flyways upset you after you’ve had a tidy hairstyle? To get rid of pesky flyaways, use this easy procedure—spritz hairspray into a mascara wand and comb flyaways or baby hair into place. You may use Vaseline jelly instead of hairspray, and it will work just as well.


If your lashes get tangled when applying mascara, brush them apart with a clean mascara wand.



Dunk a clean mascara wand in a sugar and vaseline combination or lip scrub and exfoliate your lips in quick circular movements. Using this product will remove all of the dead skin on your lips, making them very soft. Apply your preferred lip color next.

So, that’s how you get the most out of your mascara tube. If your tube is in saving mode, think twice before tossing it away the next time.

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Apply these 4 simple steps-

  1. Makeup pads and cotton swabs may dampen with some of the baby oil before use.
  2. Using a cotton swab or cosmetic pad, apply a little quantity of baby oil.
  3. As you close one eye, begin cleaning your lashes in a straight line.
  4. Remove the oil residue by rinsing your face with warm water.

To keep your mascara from smearing, here are six easy-to-follow tips.

  1. Dirty lashes aren't the best place to apply your favourite mascara.
  2. Apply a primer first.
  3. A Tri-Locking Mascara is the best way to go.
  4. Never Bake Under the Eyes – Apply a Light Dusting of Powder.
  5. Wipe Your Eyelids Occasionally.
  6. Use the Proper Amount of Mascara.

The Coffee Trick

Add hot water to your coffee cup, then dip the mascara tube into it for a few minutes. The heat will do wonders for your mascara, softening the dried solution and making it seem new again.

As stated above in FAQ 1, follow these basic 4 steps-

  1. Makeup pads and cotton swabs may dampen with some of the baby oil before use.
  2. Using a cotton swab or cosmetic pad, apply a little quantity of baby oil.
  3. As you close one eye, begin cleaning your lashes in a straight line.
  4. Remove the oil residue by rinsing your face with warm water.

A washing detergent of your choosing may be used as a pre-treatment for the stain. The cloth should wash in the hottest water possible. The mascara's color might travel to other parts of the face if the water is not hot enough. Oxi Clean, a moderate oxygen bleaching chemical, may be used to altogether remove the stain.


Dish soap may add to warm water at a ratio of 1:4. Soak the stain in the detergent solution and then blot it with a sponge. Using a clean towel soaked in clear water, dab the surface to remove any remaining liquid.


To remove mascara, all you need is a soap that combats oil, such as Dawn or Palmolive (even Pine-Sol will work). Apply a tiny amount of dish soap on the mascara smudges to remove them. Scrub the stain with dish soap and warm water. I believe this will remove most of the discoloration.

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