10 Tricks on How to Apply Mascara Perfectly in Hurry

We can all agree that with our hurried lifestyles, we have little time for personal maintenance. In the face of growing pressure and work commitments, it is nearly hard to devote time to correctly applying our makeup, particularly those elements of our makeup that need accuracy, and the application of mascara is one such makeup endeavor. So, today, we’ll go over 10 tips on how to apply mascara perfectly while you’re in a hurry.

10 Tricks on How to Apply Mascara Perfectly

#1 Curl your lashes

10 Tricks on How to Apply Mascara Perfectly in a Hurry

This is one of the necessities before you take up the mascara wand. Remember to curl your eyelashes since it not only improves the appearance of your eyes but also speeds up the process of applying mascara in the first place.

#2 Rotate your brush

This is an interesting tip to attempt if you want to get the “length eyelashes” effect. It’s fairly simple and uncomplicated. When applying mascara, all you need to do is rotate the brush from root to tip.

#3 Apply an eye primer

apply mascara perfectly

We’ve all seen our mascara smear in a hurry. It is advisable to use a primer before applying mascara. If you don’t want to damage your makeup or risk it becoming smeared, use an eyelid primer underneath it.

#4 Remove extra mascara

For some of us in a hurry, this may seem like a needless and time-consuming procedure, but it is well worth our time if we remember to remove our mascara before leaving the home to prevent the messy scenario of clumping, which destroys the appearance.

#5 The comb-over

how to use an eyelash curler

When applying mascara, this is a crucial step. Just remember to comb your eyelashes until they are dry before brushing them through. This will alleviate the problem of your eyelashes gathering those messy-looking clumps.

#6 Curl again if necessary

You heard me correctly! If you want to, you can wait for your eyelashes to dry before curling them again using a real curler. Although this is optional, it is strongly advised.

#7 Use a toothbrush to de-clump your lashes

 Apply Mascara Perfectly

This step may seem unconventional, but it is highly advised to help you avoid the dreaded “spider eyes” disaster and having to start all over again.

#8 Toast your mascara

It’s a regular enough occurrence for most of us that our mascara becomes clumpy, but the best solution is to apply a small touch of heat to thin the formula. As a result, toasting the mascara is a fantastic idea.

#9 Use a tiny shadow brush

how to use an eyelash curler


For a better look, dust your lashes with baby powder using a little brush. This makes it simpler for your mascara to stick to your eyelashes, making them appear thicker in the process.

#10 The spoon trick

This is done to reduce the possibility of overspreading mascara on your eyelids when you are in a hurry, and it will assist you in catching the extra mascara on the spoon. If this isn’t a time-saver, what is?

So, dear readers, please share your thoughts on today’s post in the comments area below. And I hope this post on how to apply mascara perfectly will help you nail your mascara application every time, even if you’re in a rush đŸ˜‰

FAQ – How to Apply Mascara Perfectly

Follow the steps below-

  • Choose the best mascara for your lashes.
  • Check what you want from your mascara.
  • Do you want your lashes to seem voluminous, or do you want them to be longer?
  • Apply a primer beforehand to make your mascara smudge-proof.
  • Before applying mascara, add the powder to the lashes after applying primer.
  • To avoid putting mascara on your eyelids when applying it, use a spoon to capture the extra mascara.

There are numerous options. The most fundamental:

  • Straighten your shoulders
  • Sit or stand in front of a mirror
  • Looking down, softly sweep the pencil or liner brush from the inner top lid (near the tear duct) to the top corner (keep the eye closed if liquid for a moment to allow to dry; smudge with Q-tip if pencil).

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