How To Apply Concealer Under Eyes

Concealer’s job is to conceal things we don’t want others to see. Depending on the concealer you choose and the location of your skin, it will also determine which concealer you should use. And when we talk about how to apply concealer under the eyes there’s a whole new process and product for it. Read this blog post to find it out!

How to Choose the Right Concealer?

How To Apply Concealer Under Eyes

First, we must choose the right and best concealer. Make sure you choose one that is at least 2 shades lighter than your current skin color and is yellow-based. If you use too much light concealer, you might look like you are wearing Halloween makeup.

How to Apply Concealer?

How to Apply Concealer?

If you are looking for general coverage but don’t have specific areas to cover, then you can add a few dots around the inner corner of your eye and under the lower eyelashes. Apply concealer and blend well. Tapping is better than rubbing. The same technique can be used on your nose and chin. Yo can place it wherever you like.

Start gradually and utilize a “toning it down would be ideal” approach. You can always add another layer if necessary. We’ve all seen the “cake effect” when concealer is applied too generously. To set your look, use a fluffy brush to apply light powder.

If you have particular areas you wish to cover, we will give you some tips. These are some of the most common problems and we have provided simple, but effective, methods to apply concealer that will help you make it work better.

Methods to Apply Concealer

On Dark Circles

How To Apply Concealer Under Eyes

Don’t use regular concealers to cover them. Concealers that are specifically designed for this purpose exist. You can also use a highlighting cream for a more alert and awake-looking eye.

Apply a liquid bandage to the affected area. Next, apply concealer layers. Apply a light layer of concealer, but not too much. Because it will only draw more attention to the area.

On Scars

where to put concealer

To conceal acne scarring, you will need to use very specific techniques. You will need an angled brush to conceal a concave scar or a pockmark. Dip it in the concealer. Choose a concealer that is lighter than your skin to achieve this effect. Apply the concealer to the scar, but keep the edges clean.

Dust the skin with translucent powder. We recommend that you use a concealer of the same shade as your skin to conceal hypertrophic scarring. Apply the concealer by rubbing it on the scar. Follow this with a setting powder.

Redness around the nose. It is common for makeup to come off the nose more quickly if there is oil. Apply your concealer after applying an oil-absorbing setting powder. If you have dry skin in winter, make sure you moisturize it.

So ladies get ready for the occasion you were reading this post for! And let me know in the comments how did you like this post on How to Apply Concealer Under Eyes. I am hoping that you will look prettier and beautiful 😉

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