The Ultimate Benefits of Glossier Stretch Concealer

It’s like having an Instagram filter on you all the time if you have a good foundation and concealer mix that matches your skin tone correctly. You can disguise blemishes and lighten dark areas of your skin using the best over-the-counter concealer. A decent concealer can help to provide the appearance of perfect skin. Today I’ll be reviewing glossier stretch concealer.

Glossier Stretch Concealer Review

glossier stretch concealer swatches
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My concealer is something I can’t live without. Because I have dark genetic circles, I may quickly appear as if someone punched me in the eye on bad days. Consequently I’m usually looking for new concealers to try. The glossier stretch concealer swatches in the shade “Glossier Stretch Concealer Medium” will be the subject of this review.

Description Of the Product

A typical concealer dries rigid, flat, and dry, making it evident that you’re wearing it. Our concealer features elastic micro waxes that move with your skin rather than caking on top of it, as well as nourishing oils for a dewy, glowing finish. Dark circles, redness, and zits are all covered by the buildable formula. In five hues that have been painstakingly created to enhance, brighten, and, most importantly, blend seamlessly into the broadest spectrum of skin tones.

Price $18

My Experience with Glossier Stretch Concealer

glossier stretch concealer review
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The jar packing of glossier stretch concealer dupe isn’t particularly hygienic because you have to keep dipping your finger in it. Although a brush could be used, I rarely do so. Aside from that, the glossier stretch concealer dupe jar feels solid and will be easy to transport.

Blendability and Texture

glossier stretch concealer g10
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This concealer in shade g10 is incredibly creamy and emollient. It’s pretty simple to mix this into the skin. With just a few dabs, it blends seamlessly into the skin and appears completely natural. Because of its creamy nature, I need to set this concealer right away after applying glossier stretch concealer g10, or else it will crease. Because of this, I don’t think this product is a good choice for aged women with visible wrinkles since it can quickly settle into them.

Finish and Coverage

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This glossier stretch concealer g10 concealer provides light-to-medium coverage that can be built up. When I’m attempting a “no-makeup” makeup look or just using it on its own to lightly conceal my blemishes and brighten my under-eye bags and look less like a zombie. I find the coverage sufficient. I wouldn’t use it if I wanted to do a full glam makeup look that required a lot of coverage.

It’s recommended not to wait for the concealer to dry between layers if you’re building up range since this might cause the concealer to become uneven and blotchy. The sooner you work with it, the better the results will be. And after it’s set, it’s best not to fiddle with it too much because it may quickly become uneven. The sheen of this concealer is satin/dewy.

In my glossier stretch concealer reviews, I wouldn’t say I like this kind of finish on my under eyes, so I’ll nearly always use a light dusting of powder to make it matte. This concealer comes in five different hues. For my MAC NW23-25 skin tone, the shade “Glossier Stretch Concealer Medium” is a great match.


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This Glossier Stretch Concealer Medium is quite budge-proof after it dries on the skin and lasts for a good portion of the day. I saw some creasing on the tiny creases around my eyes after 6 hours of wearing it.

Overall, I find this product and the majority of this brand’s products to be of good quality. Glossier is intended toward young women (who already have clear skin and have fewer defects and concerns like fine lines and wrinkles), teens, and college-aged women who want simple, easy makeup that doesn’t seem heavy or like makeup. Although this concealer in light is also a good one you can try. Also, glossier stretch concealer dark is another option for you.

But, I like this glossier stretch concealer as a whole and use it frequently in my everyday makeup regimen. If you don’t mind the jar packaging’s limited coverage and unsanitary application method, it is a good option.

Pros & Cons of Glossier Stretch Concealer

Pros & Cons

  • Blending is simple

  • It sinks into the skin and is almost unnoticeable

  • It makes you look more awake and less weary by brightening the under-eye area

  • Minor flaws will be hidden with light-medium covering

  • On me, it lasts up to 6 hours before creasing, which is a good portion of the day

  • It isn’t a concealer for folks who want a lot of coverage

  • It has a satin end, which I locate unappealing. I always set it with powder to make it matte

  • If not set, it has a propensity to crease and settle increases and fine lines


It features stretchy micro waxes that move with your skin rather than caking on top of it and nourishing oils that create a dewy, luminous finish, Glossier Stretch Concealer is a new kind of concealer. Everything from dark under-eye circles to redness and pimples is covered by this customizable concoction.

I find the coverage sufficient for when I am doing a “no-makeup” makeup look or using it just on its own to conceal my imperfections and brighten my under-eye circles lightly. Once this concealer sets on the skin, it is pretty budge-proof and wears through a decent part of the day. Glossier Stretch Concealer is a light-medium coverage concealer.

Shade g10 is the best dupe for glossier stretch concealer. For more similar cosmetic reviews, stay connected to the best concealer blog 😉

Glossier Stretch Concealer has gotten a lot of buzzes. If you want to seem like you have healthy, glowing skin, this is without a doubt one of the finest concealers on the market. If you're looking for a lightweight concealer to cover your spots and make your face seem healthy and radiant, not cakey and flaky, this is one of the best (if not the best) concealers out there!

I began by customarily applying the concealer. Then, as I became used to its malleable nature, I began to use it as a tinted moisturizer when I didn't feel like reaching for my medium to heavy coverage foundations. I'm a sucker for items that have a light, airy feel to them. When you have oily skin, nothing is worse than caking on a product! When I don't want to worry about my skin or makeup, this is what I use!

"This tint is a tint, not a full or medium coverage foundation masquerading as a tint." The product has the appearance and feel of skin-toned water, and the coverage is relatively light. That said, I'm interested. The Glossier Skin Tint is excellent for a natural appearance that doesn't hide all breakouts, but it's also light and breathable, making it ideal for congested skin. Nothing is more irritating than cakey concealer. It's pretty simple to use.

The Glossier stretch concealer is suitable for all skin types and tones (I chose G7). I have combination skin, which means I have oily and dry patches in various places—yay me—and I was able to use this product. It is fragrance-free and ophthalmologist tested, even though I do not have sensitive skin. Glossier is one company that has shown that it is worth the hype. The answer is a resounding yes, according to the Glossier reviews that follow.

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