Elf Camo Concealer Review 2021

We want something that stays put and covers all of our ugly facial discolorations when it comes to concealer. The ELF 16 HR camo concealer offers a highly pigmented product and dries matte, so we know it will stay put. Let’s begin with ELF camo concealer review đŸ˜‰

Elf Concealer Camo Review

ELF camo concealer review

First and foremost, the matte concealer 16 hour camo debuted in 2019 with an 18-shade range. For 2020, they’ve added eight new hues to the original mix. So, first and foremost, let’s talk about the shade range and variation.

Because there are so many distinct skin tones and undertones, a concealer line should provide a wide range of hue matching. Having a large selection means being able to cater to as many different skin tones as possible.

Product Description

The matte ELF Camo Concealer has a 16-hour wear time and comes in seven cold undertone hues, ten neutral colors, and ten warm tones. All of them have a good spectrum of shades, from light to dark. There are 25 different hues of a satin finish.

I think ELF did an excellent job of showing the different swatches of the hues and the difference in color pay-off from straight out of the bottle to when it’s dry.

You’ll notice right away that the concealer dries down to a darker tint than what you see in the bottle. That is, at least, with the matte finish. According to their website, the hydrating variety dries to a color that matches the paint on the bottle.

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elf 16 hour camo concealer review

Each tube of ELF Camo Concealer has 6 products and is packaged in a simple plastic tube. The satin series comes with a white hat, while the matte line comes with a black cap. The brand name is written on the tube in clean black lettering. I like how it appears to be simple, with no frills or gimmicks. This packaging direction most likely contributed to the $6 pricing point being maintained.

The applicator is a doe-foot applicator of a larger size, which you may or may not enjoy. I prefer the smaller applicator because it is more convenient for spot correction. It keeps you from having to put too much product in one place.

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The formula claims to last 16 hours so that you can go from work to the gym and back. It’s a full-coverage concealer that doesn’t clog pores or settle into fine wrinkles. Ideal for those with wrinkled undereye circles.

If you have dry skin, choose a shade from the satin finish because the matte finish product, like most matte products, will feel tight and irritating on your skin.

This cream, blurs the pores on her skin and stays on for the majority of the day. I enjoyed it. However, it’s worth noting that my skin is in excellent condition. That my skin is properly hydrated and nourished, and that I can easily handle matte-finish cosmetics.

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best concealer

That is, until ELF I released the Moisturizing Camo Concealer, which offers the same lightweight full coverage as the original but in a hydrating, satin-finish product. I was ecstatic! Aside from the new finish, this version has fixed the oxidizing problem that plagued the original. The matte Camo Concealer shifts dramatically in color after application, whereas the new version dries true to the color in the bottle.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that the hues of the two lines don’t match. I swatched the original 16 Hour Camo Concealer (center) next to the new Hydrating Camo Concealer in Medium Peach. There’s a significant difference! The hydrating camo concealer in the color light beige is on the left, and it ended up being a better in shape than the opposite. The coverage of this product makes me to do elf concealer camo review.


Because you have greater time before its units, the new hydrating camo concealer has a creamy consistency and is easier to mixture out than the original. I believe the texture contributes to the need for less product because it distributes more easily. You receive the same exceptional complete coverage because the original components. However, with a rather radiant (however now not dewy) end that dries down to touch. The concealer isn’t tacky or slippery even when it’s not set.

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Pros & Cons Of ELF Camo Concealer

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to apply

  • Excellent for the treatment of dark circles

  • It’s lovely and dewy

  • Highly Pigmented

  • None

Elf Camo Concealer is the Winner

best concealer

This is a fantastic product for $6. There will constantly be a gaining knowledge of curve when it comes to applying make-up objects. It depends on your skin chemistry in some cases; however, if you have sensitive skin, I would advise avoiding it. However, if you have regular skin, I would certainly grab the ELF Camo Concealer and experiment with it at such a low price. And that is my opinion of the elf camo concealer. I hope I was able to assist you with your future purchase!

So, here is my ELF camo concealer review, hope you girls like it.

The best concealer they'd ever seen was ELF Cosmetics 16 HR Camo Concealer, according to the forum. ELF creamy .'s concealer is an economical product that works on all skin tones and comes in a whopping 18 colors for just £5. I recommend choosing a creamy, pigmented concealer for under dark circles because it will look the most natural without being cakey or dry (try Cover Everything Concealer, Tone Correcting Concealer or our Complete Coverage Concealer).

ELF Camo Concealer is a full-coverage, long-wear concealer with a wide doe-foot applicator for beautiful skin that may be used to hide, correct, contour, and highlight. The lightweight, matte consistency won't settle into small wrinkles or creases and is highly pigmented. All skin types will gain from this product. This concealer is incredible! It's a close match for Nars' creamy concealer. It hydrates the skin, doesn't wrinkle, and lasts all day. It also illuminates the area around the eyes.

It isn't crease-resistant and doesn't dry quickly. Choose your shade from the moisturizing camo concealer, and it will oxidize to that hue. I bought the same shade as I usually do with the original camo concealer, "Medium Sand," drastically different. I don't mind if they change the colors and make the goods non-oxidize.

The shade of concealer you choose should be dependent on the color of your foundation. Because your skin tone changes somewhat due to regular sun exposure, beauty experts recommend having two shades of concealer in your arsenal, one lighter and one darker. The most excellent match is Medium Peach, in my opinion. The shade names are distinct from those of the HD lifting concealer, which run extensively darker because of this product's wider form of colors.

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