E.L.F Cover Everything Concealer Review

How does the fading winter affect you? The weather is getting dry and spring is near. New seasons will bring many changes to your skincare routine. To get to today’s review, let’s just say that I am reviewing E.L.F cover everything concealer, which is one of the most popular brands.

E.L.F Cover Everything Concealer

E.L.F cover everything concealer

Management students are often late at night, have to work, study, and deal with stress. This can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles.

Although it is said that “Eyes often do all the talking“, who wants to stare into your dark, cluttered eyes?

Nobody. The E.L.F cover everything concealer is there to save the day. Let’s find out how this concealer from ELF performed on me.




23142 LIGHT. Available in 3 additional shades

Use Directions

E.L.F cover everything concealer, corrective yellow, 0.141 oz target

Apply your fingertip to the areas you want to conceal. Smoothly pat into the skin until it blends. Build coverage as desired. For long-lasting coverage, mix the powder with target E.L.F yellow cover everything concealer.


Safe & gentle formula

This cream blends easily to cover under-eye circles, imperfections and provides flawless coverage.

My View on E.L.F.Cover All Concealer

target E.L.F yellow cover everything concealer

This is my first ELF product (Eyes Lips Face), and I am not impressed. Although I’m not a huge fan of concealers, I do use them for my breakouts and to conceal my dark circles. However, this concealer was disappointing for several reasons.

E.L.F essential cover everything concealer is lightweight and comes in a round, sleek packaging with transparent flip-open caps. The shade code and name are the only things that are mentioned. The cap closes with a click, making the packaging strong.

Light is the second-lightest shade among the four available shades. It appears to have a skin tone that is neither too light nor too dark. However, when it comes time to apply the product, it becomes a whitish color which makes the skin look artificial.

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E.L.F makeup cover everything concealer is mediumly creamy, but it has a dry texture that makes it difficult for you to blend. This concealer has a thick consistency. It looks like concealer has been applied under my eyes when I’m trying to hide dark circles. It remains in place for around 2 to 3 hours. The concealer can get very oily in the summer heat. This is a problem for someone like me who has combination skin.

best concealer

This concealer is great for touch-ups when I am in hurry or when I don’t have enough foundation. You can use a concealer brush, or your fingers to apply it. This helps me to touch up quickly.

Pros and Cons of E.L.F Cover Everything Concealer

Pros & Cons

  • Not too heavy on the pockets

  • Lightweight and easy to travel

  • Medium coverage

  • It is important to remember that a little goes a long ways

  • Great for quick touch-ups when the foundation is lacking

  • It is not easy to mix

  • This texture is extremely dry, and the application process doesn’t go smoothly due to it

  • It is not suitable for Indian skin because it is whitish when applied

  • Under-eyes appear white and cakey

  • It secretes oil and melts, which can cause a mess in summer

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I hope this review on E.L.F cover everything concealer helps you. Stay connected to the best concealer blog, I’ll soon update E.L.F cover everything yellow concealer vs. l.a. girl pro concealer review 🙂

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