E.L.F Concealer Review- Corrective Concealer

Most of E.L.F’s items were always regarded to be excellent for their pricing. I really like to try new ELF makeup products, even if it doesn’t break my money, even if I don’t like a certain product. I had to test it out when I spotted this palette of concealers on the site. The idea seemed good and I was particularly fascinated by the notion of 4 distinct hues in the same palette. Today I’m gonna share E.L.F. corrective concealer review in this best concealer blog 😉

E.L.F Concealer Review

E.l.f. Corrective concealer review

There are 4 colors for all problem regions in the face (light and deeper tones of skin, pink and green) – skin shade for the violet undereye circles, greenery shade for the red areas, and rosy shade for countering yellowness on the face.

Each shade can be used alone or with a different shade. This is my approach to this palette of the corrective concealer that is part of the E.L.F. studio corrective concealer range.

Description of the Product

ELF says this concealer is intended to hide flaws like nothing else! In every hue, beautiful skin is created with its unique purpose. Use nude and beige shades to disguise these difficult places, the green shade to balance the redness, and the lilac shade to enhance yellow shades.




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E.l.f. Studio Corrective Concealer Review- What I Love

The package is quite beautiful, as with other E.L.F. studio brand products. It looks elegant and isn’t like a product of $3. A mirror and a brush are on the box.

What I Don’t Love About E.L.F. Corrective Concealer

  • No one is creamy of the 4 colors. They are highly waxy to touch and even with the brush or fingers it is quite difficult to take out the product, which is not sure whether the product has to be heated before application.
  • For dark circles none of the 2 hues of the skin do anything. There is nothing in the hues and nothing in the flesh. The formulation is instead such that the substance is only placed in the fine wrinkles and plunged under the eyes. The rose shade is likewise a total disaster. The face does not lighten and the yellowness does not at all decrease.
  • It’s not a universal palette. Either with the colors alone or combining two or more colors will not be a great fit for everybody. That Nevertheless, it would still possess the same horrific shape and coverage, even if the palette came in various hues.

 E.L.F. studio corrective concealer review

  • It is not possible to build the colors. Even after several coats, it appears too sheer and only cake, creasy, and grey. It’s too sheer.
  • This product’s colors are just too simple to hide any issue area.
  • This product is a total miss, rather than a natural finish, even for those with mild under eye or who desire a very light natural covering. It creates the idea that you are applying something ashy or white on your face, and this even appears through a foundation or a powder.
  • This brush appears nice, but it is not a good concealing brush even with the proper product, as the braids are extremely tiny and do not cover bigger regions. The braids are scarce as well and are not effectively functioning.
  • It looks like E.L.F. had this concealer all wrong. Even it’s not good to keep that power.

Pros and Cons of E.l.f. Corrective Concealer

Pros & Cons

  • It is easy to mix, construct and not cake the formula of the two correctors

  • The under-eye corrector hasn’t shrunk as I have any other concealer. It is by no means greasy, but it seems almost humidifying in the under-eye

  • The underlying rectifier and the corrector of redness perform precisely what they say

  • The underlying corrector was not pigmented enough to cover my dark circles completely. It lit up the surroundings, yet it was still there. If you’ve got lighter circles than I, you probably won’t have any problems.

  • It is necessary to apply the redness corrector under your foundation or it is difficult to cover up with the green.

  • The redness corrector did not cover my whole redness very completely, especially my nose

  • I liked the underlying corrector to look at my foundation, but it’s just a personal choice


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It’s only an awful product. I don’t ever suggest it to anyone or I will rebuy it. E.L.F. has to work on this concealer’s formulation severely since this is just a horrible, bad product right now. No coverage, horrible texture, no strength, awful colors, not creamy tones. All that can go wrong with a concealer is included in this palette. Completely deceived.

Hope this E.L.F Concealer Review will assist you in choosing the best that suits you 😉

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