The Ultimate Revelation of Asian Eye Liner

We all think we’re pros at applying Asian eye liner, but we’ve been doing it incorrectly all along! I’ve always wondered how those gorgeous ladies in K Dramas have the most exquisite and natural eye makeup. After far too many internet instructions, I found a highly informative and straightforward-to-follow technique. The good news is that the proper approach is straightforward, and my eyeliner game improved instantly. Before getting into our Asian eyeliner tutorial, lets have a look at Asian eye liner types.

Asian Eye Liner Types

  • Pencil Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner Liquid
  • Pen Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner Gel
  • Eyeshadow Eyeliner

So, as we have discussed natural Asian eye makeup types in our Asian eyeliner tutorial, lets proceed. With Asian eye liner makeup, all the guidelines you know are thrown out the window. So, many women prefer to go bare-faced or merely apply eyeliner as a consequence. Playing around with makeup is a favorite pastime for Asian women, despite their perfect complexions.

Asian eyes are not new. Instead, it is centuries old. Asian eyes were formerly called “nuts” (particularly almonds). They are unique and gorgeous.

Asian or almond eyes have eyelashes and epicanthic folds. In the epicanthic fold, the top lid skin meets the inner corner of the eye. These are the primary reasons why Asian women struggle with makeup. One of the most challenging tasks is to enlarge their Asian eye makeup.

Let’s dive into a lesson to learn how to do Asian eye liner makeup.

Asian Eye Makeup

Asian Eye Makeup

The guideline for Asian eye makeup methods and Asian eyeshadows is to choose the style, technique, and hue that best fits you. It will make a difference and make you feel great with so many Asian eyeliner brands available within the market.

  1. Needed Items

Asian Eye Liner

It’s crucial to locate and use excellent cosmetic products for your skin and match your skin tone. Find your perfect eyeshadow color first. It may be earthy or vibrant, as long as it feels pleasant on your Monolid eyeliner.

The second must-have item is black eyeliner. Natural Asian eye makeup often contains eyeliner, so you should learn to apply it correctly. Finally, mascara, Lash makes your eyes pop, along with eyeliner. These two items are a must-have for no-makeup days!

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  1. Asian Eyeshadow Palette

Asian Eyeshadow Palette

There are no rules when it comes to picking the most refined palette for Asian eyes. All ladies should aim to match their skin tone and eye color when choosing eyeshadow with any of Asian eyeliner brands.

Beginners should stick to neutral earth tones that aren’t too eye-catching. Because Asians have warm skin undertones, finding the correct brown or nude hue will be easy.

Keep a RED LIPSTICK and brow shadow in your luggage at all times. Here are several makeup palettes to have handy:

Brick Eyeshadow, Nudes — Perfect for daily Asian eye liner makeup. It features sparkly and matte shadows that mix well. Pinkish tones go well with all skin tones.

A palette with deeper colors and more pigment is ideal for beautiful smoky eyes. From matte black to shimmering white, Maybelline New York’s The Rock Nudes Palette will help you look great. Or you can try more Asian eyeliner brands.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick – wear this gorgeous red lipstick all day. These creamy matte compositions will enhance your lips. This lipstick may last up to 16 hours.

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  1. How to Apply Asian Eyeshadow

Asian Eyeshadow

Whatever eyeshadow palette you choose, you must know how to apply and blend it flawlessly. How to mix eyeshadow even if you aren’t a pro.


This step is generally repeated while applying Asian eye liner makeup. Begin with a primer and nude eyeshadow. Apply light white or creamy makeup on the brow bone to elevate the eye.


After the foundation, add the dark eyeshadow. With mongoloid and Asian hooded eyes eyeliner, start with the outer corners and wing it up. Blend your eyeshadow in the lid’s center.

Make your eye pop by bringing the black eyeshadow up and eye makeup for Asian eyes with crease. Add other eyeshadow to make your makeup seem heavier and your furrow deeper. You can choose any Asian eyeliner brands product. I will recommend you to choose best Asian hooded eyes eyeliner.


Apply light and sparkly eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes. It will make a lovely gradient. Finally, add a touch of extra dark brown or black eyeshadow to the outside corners. Drag the shadow to the inner eye to add depth. Remember lower lash line.

  1. How to Apply Eyeliner

Apply Eyeliner

Asian females apply Asian eye liner to accentuate their eyes. Applying eyeliner is not a simple task. But it may learn step by step.

What’s more? Simple to learn!


The eye primer keeps your eyeshadow on your lids all day. If you’re going to an occasion that calls for formal clothes and heavy makeup, use it before adding eyeshadow or eyeliner.

It’s up to you to apply neutral eyeshadow. It looks excellent if you want to contour your eye, but you should focus on your eyeliner if you’re a newbie.


Make a foundation for your eyeliner first. Brush tip eyeliner can help you avoid blunders. You risk ruining your eyeshadow and primer if you start with a different eyeliner. In this phase, gel eyeliner is meant for experts! Begin at the top of your eyelid and build up from there. Don’t let it overlap the crease, or your eyeliner will seem untidy and heavy.

Then make an angle and link it to the top to obtain the wing’s bottom. After the foundation, use a highly pigmented eyeliner to fill up the gaps. Don’t forget the lash line. Finally, use the fantastic black mascara to complete the appearance.

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  1. Powder, Mascara, And More

Asian Eye Liner

To avoid smearing your eyeshadow or eyeliner, use translucent powder on top of it first. It is a fantastic preventive strategy for greasy lids. You may skip this step if your Asian eye liner makeup has never smudged.

Next, focus on your lashes. If you have a curler, use it before applying mascara. Curling Asian eyelashes might help them stand out more. For a more dramatic look, use a hot eyelash curler.

Mascara should be applied to both the top and bottom of the lashes. Use two different mascaras to get long, thick lashes. If you’re not a fan of the way ordinary mascara feels, give a fiber mascara a try.

Consider adding artificial eyelashes to up your lash game. Individual fake lashes may be applied to the outer corner or anyplace else on the lash line. False eyelashes will make your eyes seem more significant. Therefore, if you have tiny eyes, they are worth trying.

Apply eyelash glue to your hand. Next, apply a thin coating of the product to the lash band of the eyelashes using tweezers or fingers. Apply as near to your lash line as possible and let dry. Invest in decent eyelash glue if you don’t want to worry about your lashes all day!

  1. Natural Asian Eyebrows and Blush

Asian Eyebrows

Your brows should maintain to complement your natural makeup. This makeup style’s brows are usually kept straight. It’s not about a high, unnatural arch. If your brows are naturally arched, leave them alone. Everyone’s brows are unique; the key is to maintain them clean.

Fill in any blanks if you need to. The ideal brow brush is a little angled, but you may use whatever eyeshadow brush you have on hand. Then, using a soft powder or pencil in the shade lighter than your natural hue (typically a dark brown or grey), define your brows. Those with thick brows may skip this step. People with thicker brows may need to draw or expand them, while others may need to brush them in place.

Finally, color your cheeks. Save the bright pink for a different appearance. Consider a peach blush if you are pale. A soft pink wash will make you seem healthy and young.

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All makeup rules are thrown out the window with Asian eye liner makeup. As a result, many women prefer a bare face or only eyeliner. The key to Asian eye makeup is to choose the style, technique, and color that best suits you. The Rock Nudes Palette from Maybelline will make you look fantastic. Make an eyeliner foundation first. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. For a more dramatic appearance, use a curler before adding mascara. To obtain long, thick lashes, use two mascaras. False eyelashes enlarge your eyes. To avoid worrying about your lashes all day, invest in good eyelash glue. Those with heavier brows may need to draw or enlarge them to match the makeup style.

So, here I’m wrapping up my Asian eyeliner tutorial. I hope this eyeliner tutorial will help you in guiding the best Asian eye liner makeup tricks. See you in the next post of the The Best Concealer blog 😉

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Monolid eyeliner is identified by the absence of an eyelid crease or epicanthic fold in persons of East Asian heritage. Makeup for Monolid eyeliner has its own set of issues since "traditional" designs typically depend on the existence of the crease to impart depth to the eye. Smudging is more likely to occur with monolid because of its smaller surface area, which is more likely to fold over on itself.

The finest Asian eyeliners are listed here.

  1. Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner by Milani Cosmetics
  2. Black Gel Eye Liner from TONYMOLY
  3. Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner by Revlon
  4. It's the eyeliner by Holika.
  5. Saint Laurent, Yves Saint Laurent
  6. Eyeliners by COVERGIRL
  7. Liner Pencils by Catrice

Asians follow these 11 steps when doing eyeliner-

  1. Use an eye primer
  2. Think ombré
  3. Take a chance and see what happens
  4. Upward sweep shadow
  5. To see, you must open your eyes
  6. Cut the crust
  7. Wearing a halo
  8. Get your lip liner all over your face
  9. Make your lashes curled
  10. Take a dive below the surface
  11. Fake it till you make it

As stated above, Asians follow these 11 steps-

  1. Use an eye primer
  2. Think ombré
  3. Take a chance and see what happens
  4. Upward sweep shadow
  5. To see, you must open your eyes
  6. Cut the crust
  7. Wearing a halo
  8. Get your lip liner all over your face
  9. Make your lashes curled
  10. Take a dive below the surface
  11. Fake it till you make it

Use eye shadows first, and then line your eyes on top of them with eyeliner unless you're looking for that specific look. There will be no confusing makeup in this situation. The most straightforward approach to applying eye shadow and liner is to read on. If your mascara or eyeliner is beyond its prime, it's more likely to be infected with germs or fungus. An eye infection could result from any of this being ingested into your eye.

I've observed, though, that black tends to make the eyes seem smaller than they are. It's essential to think about the appearance you're looking for, as well. A brown eyeshadow might look better on someone who is fair and isn't trying for a "gothic" vibe. It doesn't matter what color your eyes are since everyone may wear black or brown, but other elements like skin tone, the size of your eyes, and more must be considered. To avoid making your eyes seem even smaller, avoid using black eyeliner on your whole waterline unless you want that effect. In the white, use a darker shade of brown and line them halfway before blending in the rest.

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